Very beginning!

All three of us – Bruce, Bob, Jr., and I were born in our
grandparents, Edith & Frank Thayer’s guestroom on Cable road, Berlin Heights,
Ohio with Dr. Robert Gregg and his nurse/wife Irma Gregg assisting. I was told
that after I was born and grandpa came home from work, he was told, “Well,
we’ve got another boy.”  He had wanted a
girl, but went in to see me, came back out and said, “We’ll love him anyway.”
When they told him it was a joke and that I really was a girl, he had to go
back in for another look. At least I didn’t have a big head like Bruce did, so
my delivery was easier, although I did weigh 9 lb. 6 oz.!

When dad finally took mom and I home, it was to English Orchards
on Angling Road. The list mom made of my first visitors brings back a lot of
memories. So many of them are gone now. One of them was a Mrs. Hill. I think
she was the mother of Bonita Hill whom I was named after. She had been a good
friend of my parents and died very young.

I was baptized May 9, 1948. God parents were Nadine (mother’s
sister) and Wesley Mowrer. They gave me a gold ring. Mom’s other sister, Helen Spies,
gave me a gold locket with photos of my parents inside. I still have both
tucked away for some reason. The white, lace-trimmed christening dress also
came from Aunt Nadine.


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