There are a lot of Christmas memories. I don’t remember a lot from English Orchards. I must have been too young. The tree on the farm was always big, real and fresh. When we still believed in Santa, the tree never went up until after we went to bed Christmas Eve. They left the lights on the tree burning so when we got up Christmas morning (early) it was absolutely magical! We came quietly down the stairs and there it was. The huge tree was decorated with all our decorations and lights and tinsel sparkled on every limb. Under the tree there were piles of wrapped gifts. We weren’t allowed to open them until everyone was up and ready. Coffee had to be made first! We were allowed to go through our stockings we had hung and even eat candy before breakfast! Usually we had one of those huge round candy canes, ribbon candy, walnuts and other nuts, an orange and other small treats. Today there is no concept of what a treat a fresh orange was – and we even had some bananas around in a fruit bowl. They were high dollar then.

We finally got to the presents. There were small gifts like books or toy farm tractors and other toy machinery for the boys, clothes for school which we liked because we needed them by that time and one big gift. Mine was usually a doll. One Christmas I got a kitchen cabinet that was homemade and I loved for years. One year Bobby got a .22 rifle. Seems there was an incident with a chicken and he lost it for a while. (Good shot, though.) One of Bruce’s was a train set. I think it was added to over the years and he might still have it. I think we were poor, but our folks worked hard to do things like the “magic” behind the scenes so that we didn’t know we were poor. This topic is too much for one entry, so I will do more in another later.


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